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Make the Difference Between Living Well and Living

Quality of life is what we all want. Good health helps us achieve a high quality of life. Fitness makes us want to live it every day. If you agree with these three premises, keep reading.

The Purpose of Health and Fitness Tips

To inform you of new developments in the health and fitness fields is our aim. We’ll do the research; we have the resources. You get the results. The name of the game is ‘current’ and ‘relevant’ for today. Forget all the excess baggage of the so-called fitness gurus.

Become Healthier and Fitter Faster

While we know you are interested in becoming healthier and fitter or maintaining the health and fitness you have, we also know you have limited time to devote to it. We therefore pledge to you a fast , simple method to hop aboard the fitness fast train. Get on track with the facts.

Health Professionals, Medical Doctors and Health and Fitness Writers and Editors Make Up Our Staff
Our staff experience in the booming Health and Fitness field adds up to more than 100 years. Not that anyone is age 100 or even close, but we all plan to live that long. We want to make sure we have company. So we invite you along for the ride. We’ll spur you on and help you over the rough spots to your own fitness destination.

Eat dehydrated food

dehydrated food can be a great way to clean your body and lose weight check this to find a great food dehydrator for your needs

Diet and Exercise are Keys to Healthy Living

But you know all this. So our aim is to give you the shortcuts, the little-known tricks and proven methods to help prevent boredom and hopelessness in your quest for good health. Our high tech world has advanced in the fitness field also. In fact, so fast that we want to get the information out to you yesterday. That’s what the Health and Fitness Tips Site is all about the latest up-to-the-minute-in-the-zone information for your health and fitness.

Can You Hear Me Now? Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Caught on Tape from 1928

Charlie ChaplinWhat would you do if you could time travel?

Personally, I would be like Biff and take a sports almanac back with me and get rich. Unless I was a Timecop like Jean Claude Van Damme. Then I’d uphold the law and justice.

Checkout this clip from the behind the scenes footage from the 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie ‘The Circus’.

This short film is about a piece of footage that a fan named George Clarke found from behind the scenes in Charlie Chaplins film ‘The Circus’.

Attending the premiere at Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA – the scene shows a large woman dressed in black with a hat hiding most of her face, with what can only be described as a mobile phone device – talking as she walks alone.

George’s only theory is simple… it’s a time traveler on a mobile phone.

I like how George thinks. Check it out yourself and see what you think. Just don’t try to think about things like the nearest cell tower. I can just hear Doc Brown saying it now, “Marty. You’ll never guess where I am! Mann’s Chinese Theater to see Charlie Chaplin.”

My theory is that Charlie Chaplin was the time traveler and he must’ve brought someone back. I even found another video of Chaplin showing up in the future!