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“Watchmen” Opening Credits

The opening credits of the WATCHMEN movie are a spectacle to be enjoyed on the big screen.  Or an IMAX if you get the chance. Set to the iconic Bob Dylan song  “The Times They Are A-Changin,’ the audience receives a quick run down of several very stylized time periods starting in 1939 with the Minutemen and ending in 1985 with the public uprising over masked vigilantes.

L.A. production company yU+Co had the joy of creating the WATCHMEN opening credits despite having one of the worst flash sites as their portfolio.  That aside they did a fantastic job with the graphics in the credits.  The entire 6-minute piece is almost a work of art in itself.

From the yU+Co release:

The challenge for yU+co. was integrating titles into an already edited six-minute sequence that was built without the placement of titles in mind. In order to make the titles feel like an organic part of the sequence, Yu and his creative team wove meticulous detail into the type design. Rather then simply lay 2D type onto the foreground of the live action, it is incorporated in 3D into each scene.

EDIT: FYI, this video is about to be pulled offline….enjoy it while you can.  There are a few other links still available online like this but Warner Bros. is going around and pulling it from all the sites.  Even the yU +Co site.

DOUBLE EDIT: This title sequence was removed at the request of Warner Bros. If the video appears online in the future we will update this post but for now we are being politely asked to remove the video from our site.

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