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Five Great Veridian Dynamics Commercials

Five Great Veridian Dynamics Commercials
If you could cross Malcolm in the Middle with Dilbert you would get something close to the ABC comedy Better Off Ted, a sitcom about working in a mindless and evil corporation.

The company, Veridian Dynamics, is a collection of calamitous bureaucrats in power suits known for weaponizing pumpkins, creating 6-foot tall manic chickens, or growing meat without cows. Their labs are staffed with the brightest scientists around and items you didn’t even know you needed are being invented daily.

When DaveAndThomas Peppered throughout the episodes of Better Off Ted are some bits of brilliance in the form of random commercials about some of the things Veridian Dynamics believes in or mass produces. As long as it makes a dollar, they’ll support it. Let’s take a look at 5 Great Veridian Dynamics Commercials.

Veridian Dynamics Commercial: Food. Yum!

Veridian Dynamics is an industry leader in the creation of food-like food. If you want lemon-flavored fish or freaky meat-less meat than VD is your provider.

Veridian Dynamics Commercial: Diversity. Good for us.

Diversity. It’s important. And it’s widely available in stock footage. People come in a lot of varieties, just like food. Except you can’t eat people.

Veridian Dynamics Commercial: Teamwork Is Always Key!

Veridian Dynamics celebrates teamwork. It’s the glue that keeps societies together and keeps people from doing stuff that they shouldn’t.

Veridian Dynamics Commercial: Greening Our World!

Everyone likes the environment because people keep nagging them. It’s expensive and a pain when nature is mad. Or just acting stupid.

Veridian Dynamics Commercial: Life. Better!

Every day something we make, makes your life better. Usually… unless it blows you up.

And, as a special bonus, here’s the fake Veridian Dynamics commercial aimed at the President when he tried to schedule time on the airwaves that would have interrupted the programming of Better Off Ted. This one never aired that we know of on television but popped up online instead.

Veridian Dynamics: When Presidents Talk