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If by some reason you feel the need to contact Dave and Thomas you are more than welcome to shoot us an email at daveandthomas (@) gmail (dot) com.

The critical information will be sent slowly across various landlines and fiber optic cables to their secret cabin in the mountains of East Tennessee where they regularly perform their Zombie Defense Drills.

Welcome To Dave and Thomas

Dave And Thomas
are Knoxville, Tennessee’s most unusual duo. We strive to find you the most intellectual news about beer, movies, midgets, Health, Food ,Sports and Salma Hayek that money can buy.

The Dave And Thomas posts are riddled with various satires, parody, and wildly inappropriate material. We’ve been known to make colossal mistakes in our fact findings and usually just end up making up our stories. Don’t take any perceived facts or interviews on this site too serious. We don’t.

We update daily timekillers on the odd news and pop culture that makes our world so great! Some of our posts are NSFW (Not Suitable For Work) which means it may contain Adult Material and you should only view while late at night in your own home and have a blanket covering the monitor. Make regular appointments at your church for confession and you should be alright.

Dave is the son of a local cat litter manufacturer and a German tuba player. His parents repeatedly dropped him on his head as a child and some of his teen years. So, it was no suprise when he ran away from home at the tender age of 25 by having himself sealed in a large FedEx box and sending himself to Las Vegas. While in Vegas he quickly learned the secret art of the Elvis Impersonator and thus, a dream was born.

Thomas was born Thomas Edgarton “Happy” Flinkerton III in the small, cozy village of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He was the son of a local cheese baron and quickly took to the fields where he learned the subtle art of the cow teat and cheese curd. When he hit the ripe age of 22, Thomas hit the roads to learn the ways of the world.

After hitching across the country and most of Europe, he ended up 5 years later playing Blackjack next to a highly drunk and incontinent Elvis Impersonator at the Golden Nugget on the fateful night of August 17th.

Together, Thomas and that drunk Elvis named Dave racked up win after win on the felt tables before being banned from the Golden Nugget. But, they didn’t let that stop them. Together they hit all the casinos that night for one wonderful sweep that has never been matched. Many of the locals still refer to that night as “La noche del diablo y de los Elvis”

Now, armed with more money than common sense and lots of free time with no responsibilities, Dave and Thomas have joined together to spread their odd form of chaos and humor.